Why You Should Try an Ice Massage Why You Should Try an Ice Massage

Why You Should Try an Ice Massage

Author Doré

Yes, we did want to title this piece, Ice Ice Baby, but we refrained because we have restraint (sometimes). But, we are **exploring the phenomenon of ice massages in skincare. The cold plunge for muscle recovery has long been used by athletes, so why not try something similar for the skin?

Ice massage is also referred to as “ice facials” or “skin icing,” and it claims to ease pain by temporarily reducing nerve activity, lessen swelling by reducing blood flow, and speed up functional recovery by healing soft tissue.

It gets even better, ice massages are used to specifically target puffiness around the eyes, reduce overall oiliness of the skin, lessen acne, and to simply boost the skin’s healthy glow overall.

There is also evidence that icing your skin prior to applying your skincare products helps them absorb into the deeper layers of your skin (which you know we love to hear).

Are you ready to dig out some ice from your freezer? Us too. Here is what else you need to know before you put ice to skin.

  • Keep it to a few minutes at a time, no more than 3 to 5. You don’t want to become an icicle.
  • Wrap you ice in a muslim cloth or other towel to allow a soft barrier between the ice and skin.
  • Use circular motion across the face and jaw line while massaging.
  • Repeat a few times throughout the day if you’d like.

There is of course, two sides to every stone, and there are skincare professionals that warn against it, particularly those in the Chinese medicine who believe heat is the best way to heal any injury, acne included. Always consult with your skincare specialist and use your intuition to determine what is best for you and your skin.