Super Simple Make Up for the Holidays Super Simple Make Up for the Holidays

Super Simple Make Up for the Holidays

Author Doré

If you’re anything like us, googling “how to contour” 30 minutes before you are due at a holiday party will end in a zebra-like disaster. That is why we are approaching our holiday make up routines much like we approach our skincare routines, Super Simple.

Below are some of our cult favorite products that create that effortless look we all crave, without the actual effort of learning to contour.

Super Simple makeup starts with Super Simple (preferably) glowing skin. That is where Westman Atelier’s Vital Skincare Complexion Drops tremendously help. We love them because they contain makeup and serum in one drop, instantly streamlining our makeup routine. Another favorite is Saie’s Slip Tint, a dewey tinted moisturizer that magically covers up blemishes while letting freckles still shine through.

The lips are truly dealers choice — some like a balm, some like a gloss, some like color, others like to rotate through all of the above. May we suggest Jones Road Lip Tint, Tower 28’s Tinted Balm, or Westman Atelier’s Liquid Lip Balm.

Always remember a swipe of mascara is an instant mood booster. Hourglass and Ilia are the ones we reach for again and again.

And if you do nothing else, do your brows. They frame your face and create instant intrigue when filled out. La Bouche Rouge boasts a Serum Gel that both tames wire-y brows and encourages growth — you know we love a two in one moment!

And if you don’t have time to do your make up, a low bun and a big smile always works. 😊