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Le Glaçon

Le Glaçon is a contemporary facial ice roller that is designed to reduce puffiness, tighten the skin and calm redness by increasing blood flow in the face. This skin care tool is a much welcome added step for those mornings after a late night, a salty snack, an extra tequila or just a good cry to help boost circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage and reduce muscle tension.

Designed for use as part of your beauty routine, in the morning after cleansing and treatment and before moisturizer, or anytime you need a quick cool down with a facial ice roller. Le Glaçon is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect ice roller for face rejuvenation.

Cruelty Free


Place the roller with its protective cover in the freezer for at least 15 minutes before use. Cleanse your face before using. Remove the silicone cover and gently roll along the forehead, cheeks, and jawline using upward, outward motion. Follow with your serum or moisturizer. Clean the roller after each use and allow it to dry before placing it in its protective antimicrobial silicone cover in the freezer for the next use. Avoid using the ice roller on open wounds or extremely sensitive skin. Do not use excessive pressure during application to prevent any discomfort.

Materials: 304 stainless steel with an antimicrobial silicone cover and a soft touch matte plastic handle.

Le Glaçon was designed in partnership with Quiet Hours by Walden.


The insert of the Le Glaçon box is made from EPE foam and paper, with a cardboard outer box, and is completely recyclable. We always encourage checking your local recycling guidelines prior to recycling any product.

Doré's primary packaging can be returned using the Boox Box and will be recycled through our recycling program in partnership with Pact.

Doré is committed to reducing waste, which is why all of our products are certified Plastic Neutral through our partnership with rePurpose Global.


Where, when and how long should I use Le Glaçon?

Le Glaçon is designed to be used after cleansing and before any treatments or moisturizers as its own stand alone step in your routine. Roll Le Glaçon along your forehead, cheeks and jawline for at least a couple of minutes and for as long as needed. Le Glaçon can be used under the eyes, but we always suggest utilizing caution as the skin around the eyes is quite fragile. We also grab for it after a brisk workout, a little too much time in the sun or when we need a little cool down!

How cold should Le Glaçon be before I use it?

While we recommend to place Le Glaçon in the freezer at least 15 minutes before use, we find everyone’s skin and individual preference to be different. We always recommend to test the coldness of the roller on a patch of skin such as your wrist before using it on your face. If keeping Le Glaçon in the freezer is too cold for you, you can opt for storing the roller in the fridge or on your vanity - Le Glaçon is made from stainless steel which is naturally cold to the touch.

Is Le Glaçon safe to be used on my skin?

Le Glaçon is made from stainless steel and is safe to be used on skin. In case of any concerns we recommend testing the roller on a patch of skin first before using it on your face. Do not use on open wounds. Do not heat the roller and remember to clean it after each use. When not in use, keep Le Glaçon in its protective anti-microbial silicone cover. 

How do I clean Le Glaçon?

Gently wash Le Glaçon using soap or La Micellaire, and lay flat to dry.

What is the size and weight of Le Glaçon?

The dimensions of Le Glaçon are 113mm/4.4in W x 179mm/7.9in H x 39mm/1.5in D. The roller weighs 227g/0.5lbs.


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