Slugging 101 Slugging 101

Slugging 101

Author Doré

Slugging is a buzzy trend in skincare, but contrary to what the name suggests, it does not involve snails or baseball bats. No, slugging is simply the act of applying a thin layer of balm to the entirety of your face before going to bed.

Said “slug” or balm, is an occlusive that allows for a strong physical barrier to seal all moisture into the skin. This barrier and moisture retention not only helps to treat dry skin but it can also protect the skin from dirt penetrating the skin overnight. Finally, this hydration bubble is great at repairing skin that is already damaged.

Before you start slathering on Le Baume (yes, Le Baume is the perfect slugging product!), there are a few things to know:

1/ Only slug on clean skin.

Slugging might keep the dirt and bacteria out, but it will also trap any dirt and bacteria present on your skin, and leave it to fester. So be sure to thoroughly wash your face for at least a minute with Le Cleanser before apply a slugging layer.

2/ Avoid active ingredients on the nights you are slugging.

You want your retinols to be able to breathe on your skin, not be trapped under a think occlusive. The nights of slugging are meant for restoring and repairing the skin through hydration, so focus on that, one thing at a time.

3/ A little goes a long way.

You don’t want Le Baume to look goopy on your skin (plus it will just rub off on your pillow). Instead you want a thin layer that is spread out evenly over your skin. Plus, wait at least 30 minutes, if not longer before you head to bed. That will give Le Baume a chance to sink into the skin a bit, and less of a chance that it will rub off on your pillows.

4/ Wash your face in the morning.

After a night of repair and hydration, you do want to give your skin a nice big gulp of fresh air. So be sure to do a thorough cleansing the morning after and behold your plump, hydrated skin in all its glory.

5/ Slugging is not for all.

If you are acne prone or are struggling with oily skin that is over producing sebum, slugging will only add to these pore clogging issues. Also, if there is an open infection or cut on the skin, skip the slugging and allow it to fully close before giving this a try.