How Tina Frey Keeps it Super Simple How Tina Frey Keeps it Super Simple

How Tina Frey Keeps it Super Simple

Author Doré

Tina Frey has long been a dear friend of Doré. From traveling with us to Morocco and Chile, to being a guest on Garance’s podcast, and genuinely becoming a a true friend, she continually inspires us with her creativity and kindness.

Which is all the more reason why we are so excited our first holiday collaboration, L’Ensemble, was created in collaboration with her design studio, TF Design.

Of course we had to ask her a few questions about how she applies our Super Simple philosophy to her daily life.

1. Why should everyone have a Super Simple approach to life?

There is no need to overcomplicate things since there is already enough going on.  That way, when life throws you something unexpected, you have bandwidth to handle it.

2. What is a Super Simple hack that you incorporate into your daily life?

I like establishing a routine where I remember to take care of myself.  If I get busy, stressed out, am traveling a lot, or tired, I don't have to think about what or how I am going to do it.  It is something I can do with my eyes closed, but it is also enjoyable and is a nice escape to wind down at the end of the day.  It is sort of meditative.

3. What is something about your house that you like to keep Super Simple?

I like keeping the house super organized and clean without a lot of unnecessary objects.  I love cooking and eating healthy wholesome food and it is good to keep the kitchen super simple.  I like buying fresh food from the farmers market and cooking what I will eat for the week with simple delicious recipes.  You don't need a lot of fancy appliances or gadgets.  I just have good spices on hand and use the stove and oven a lot to make great food that makes me happy.

4. Can you talk more about the simplicity you like to bring to your art and designs?

I very much like the idea of having designs in my collection that are multipurpose, functional, and decorative at the same time.  When I cook a delicious meal, I like having vessels to serve food in and to enjoy meals with friends.  It is very much in line with simplicity where you don't have too many unnecessary things.  Just things that are beautiful and that work and are pretty on the shelf when they are not in use.

5. Why do you think simplicity is necessary in beauty?

Yes, I definitely think that simplicity is necessary in beauty.  Your body basically knows how to look after itself and the more natural things you put in and on your body, the better it is able to heal and operate at its best.  You just need to gently cleanse your skin, moisturize, and protect from too much sun.

You can shop L’Ensemble here. And learn more about Tina Frey and her beautiful designs here.