The Art of a Long Summer Lunch The Art of a Long Summer Lunch

The Art of a Long Summer Lunch

Author Doré

Ah August, what we like to think of as peak summer. If it feels like everyone you follow on Instagram is in Mallorca or Sardinia, you are not alone. Our friends in France are off for the entire month, and it’s nice to know that everything is slowing down for just a little bit longer before the back to school feeling of September arrives to meet us in a couple of weeks.

One of our favorite things about a European summer holiday - whether done in Europe, or perhaps elsewhere but with a European touch - is the art of a long, leisurely lunch. It’s the kind of lunch that starts after a morning dip in the sea, goes on for at least a couple of hours, includes a bottle or two of crisp white wine or rosé, is done al fresco (of course!) and ends with a nap under the shade of an umbrella, or if you’re ambitious, maybe a swim or a hike. We can promise you that your Instagram friends in Spain and Italy are indulging in this sinfully simple pleasure, so let this be your inspiration to indulge in your own long summer lunches a few more times before September rolls around.

We’re sharing a few super simple recipes from some of our favorites to inspire your mid-day break. Think seafood with fresh, in-season produce. And you can’t skip some dessert.



Molly Baz’s Shrimp Cocktail