Simple Self Care Simple Self Care

Simple Self Care

Author Doré

Back-to-school season is in full swing – that bittersweet blend of excitement, chaos, and a dash of nostalgia. We see our mom friends not just juggling schedules and school supplies; but orchestrating a symphony of responsibilities. You don’t need to be a woo woo guru to master the art of self care while conquering the back-to-school whirlwind. We suggest embracing this new school year with a touch of simplicity.


1. The Power of a Morning Ritual:

Mornings can feel like a race against time, but carving out a few precious minutes for yourself can set the tone for the entire day. Consider starting the day with 5 minutes of meditation or journaling, rather than reaching for your phone.


2. Streamlined Skincare, Effortless Beauty:

Every morning minute is precious. Streamline your skincare down to cleanse + moisturize + SPF. You don’t need more than that, and you can get that done in less than two minutes. With just that routine every morning, your skin will be hydrated and healthy and you’ll be skipping make up most days.


3. Midday Moment of Calm:

Whether it’s a 15 minute power nap, or a cup of tea and gilt free Instagram scrolling, take a second at some point in the day to take a break.


4. An Evening Unwind: 

Your PM skincare routine can be even simpler than your AM routine, since you can cut the SPF. Cleanse the day off, enjoy a facial massage with your moisturizer, and then grab a book for some screen free wind down time before bed. You’ll sleep better if you stop the doom scroll.