The Allure of French Beauty The Allure of French Beauty

The Allure of French Beauty

There is no question that French beauty continues to allure and allude so many (including myself, who is not French, just wants to be). When we examine, and re-examine it, we keep coming back to… “je ne sais quoi.” Which translates to “I don’t know what.” BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t have theories, ideas, conspiracies on why a French woman moves through the world with an effortlessness that we all pine for.

1/ First off, that effortlessness. Let’s talk about it. It is not actually that they don’t do anything. It’s that they do just enough. They don’t overdo anything on purpose, because doing a lot of things with too much effort is the American way. Instead they find “le juste milieu” (the just middle) and then stick to it.

2/ Be true to yourself to cultivate confidence. French women have this way of always looking like the best version of themselves. How? They study themselves and commit to their own singularity. They cut their hair in a way that flatters and suits them, as opposed to being swept up in the latest trend. They invest in classic staples that are flattering on their body type. A few well tailored pieces that create a core wardrobe are much more satisfying than a closet full of off the rack clothes that you feel just “meh” about. And finally, they know their skin, both inside and out. They are consistent with their skin routines, they look to elders for advice, and when in doubt they scoff at anything that is not for them.

3/ Super Simple There is an overused saying attributed to Coco Chanel that says, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This is easier said than done but the idea behind it speaks to our life motto of Super Simple. Whenever in doubt about how to be more French, it seems to start and end with stripping it back to the basics.