#SuperSimple All Summer #SuperSimple All Summer

#SuperSimple All Summer

Author Doré

#SuperSimple is one of our life mottos. Why? Because life is easier when we don't over complicate things. Instead we stick to the tried and true, elegant basics.  So how are we bringing a #supersimple mentality to our lives this summer?

1/ A French hello.

The French just do it better -- include the double cheek kiss to signify a cheerful and kind hello! 

 2/ A simple braid.

Garance has her signature pulled back look, but if you’re looking for something and have long hair, a braid is the perfect mixture of effort / no effort. 

3/ Le Cleanser.

Hello, of course this helps simplify our lives with its ultra-gentle but ultra-efficient cleansing abilities. Its fragrance free and suitable for all skin types and that is the definition of #supersimple beauty in our books. 

 4/ Lemon in water.

It detoxifies, it hydrates, and it tastes damn good. Just a slice in your morning cup of water brightens the rest of your day.