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Scalp Care

Author Doré

We spend a lot of time examining our skin, cleansing our skin, exfoliating our skin, moisturizing our skin…. the list goes on. But what about our scalps? This oft neglected part of our skin is responsible for our hair health (i.e. hair density and shininess) so it is worth taking a few extra minutes a week to care for it.

How is the scalp different from the rest of our skin? Well, it is the thickest skin on our bodies. This means it has more blood vessels and (obviously) has an abundance of hair follicles. These hair follicles are attached to sebaceous glands, which are larger and more numerous than anywhere else on the body. This is why many suffer from oily-hair-syndrome, or overactive sebaceous glands on the scalp, but more on that in a bit.

So what can you do to care for this specific skin on your body?

1. Use Gentle Products to Protect the Microbiome.

Yep. Each hair follicle has its own microbiome. And if you experience dandruff or scaly patches on your scalp, your scalp’s microbiome has probably been disrupted.

To get it back on track avoid cleansers with alcohols, sulfates or fragrances, which strip your scalp of its much needed nutrients, leaving it ripe for irritation. These over-cleaning agents can also strip the actual hair of moisture, leaving you with strands that are less than the glossy shine you desire.

2. Massage your scalp, don’t scrub

We all know that moment at the salon where they massage your scalp and you bliss out. Well, look, it won’t feel exactly like it does at the salon, but take the extra minute in the shower to massage your scalp. Not just because it feels good, but because it is good for your scalp. Massage stimulates your hair follicles, which, overtime, leads to fuller, healthier hair. It also gives any build up in the scalp a chance to loosen up and be properly washed out.

3. Don’t wash daily!

It seems so counterintuitive but washing everyday might be why your hair is super oily all the time. Why? Because all that washing is stripping the sebaceous glands of the oil they desire so they are over producing oil to compensate for the constant washing. We know, it’s hard to go cold turkey on not washing your hair daily, but the winter is the perfect time to make the transition thanks to dry shampoo and beanies. Start with every other day, and we promise after awhile you’ll be pushing your hair washing schedule to every third or even fourth day. Your scalp will sing your praises, because, as we know, less is always more.

Need another reason to care for your scalp? The health of your scalp effects the skin on your face, specifically, the amount of WRINKLES. Yes, WRINKLES. The healthier your scalp is, the tighter and stronger the skin is. Once you loose elasticity on your scalp, you’ll see the effects on your face.

Start massaging everyone!