Modern Modern


Author Doré

Doré is a modern take on French Pharmacy skincare. “Modern” you say? Yeah, it’s a bit nebulous. So what do we mean when we call ourselves modern? So glad you asked.

Well first, it has to do with the way we’ve formulated our products and designed our packaging. We’ve created clean formulas, with more sustainable packaging and a focus on transparency. Which honestly feels pretty table stakes these days, so it kind of goes without saying. Surprised this isn’t the norm in French pharmacy skincare?

Yeah, us too. But along with the products, modernity is more about a way of life. We care about beauty in the sense that we want to feel beautiful and confident, but we’re not interested in the fussiness of expensive, complicated routines that take too much time. We know that a good routine can help, but it’s just a small part of beauty. Laughing with friends, eating delicious food, taking a walk, getting lots of sleep - these are all part of our “beauty routines,” but we never over think it. Rather than getting lost for hours on TikTok with the latest skincare trends, we trust our tried and true products to keep it simple. For us, to be modern, means to live life with ease and pleasure, and the messiness that comes along with it. Doré is here to make it easier to do just that, simply and beautifully.