Keeping it #SuperSimple Keeping it #SuperSimple

Keeping it #SuperSimple

Author Doré

#SuperSimple is one of our life mottos. Why? Because life is easier when we don't over complicate things. Instead we stick to the tried and true, elegant basics.  So how do we bring a #supersimple mentality to our everyday lives?

1/ Champagne. 
Don't know what to order? A glass of champagne is as chic and as classic as they come.  
2/ Red lipstick. 
A swipe of red lipstick changes and any outfit, and any mood. It brightens up a whole face and you can't help but smile when your teeth look extra white against the red. 

3/ La Crème.
Sorry not sorry that this is our go-to. Morning and night, after using Le Cleanser we give our skin a good dose of hydration and get on with our day. 

4/ A Good Stretch. 
Sometimes your workouts just need to be a stretch. Don't overthink it. Just stretch it out. Sometimes your body doesn't need a heart pounding workout, it just wants a gentle stretch and a twist to release some toxins and prevent tech neck. 

5/ Bread and butter. 
Do we need to say more?