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Three Looks with Bryn Taylor Three Looks with Bryn Taylor

Three Looks with Bryn Taylor

Author Doré

You know we love anything classic and essential around here. So when we heard about Bryn Taylor’s new line, Ouisa (which launched today!!!!), we knew we needed more details. Ouisa launched with a six piece collection for the aspiring minimalist that, in their words, “combines the ease of French uniform dressing with the quiet coolness of New York City style.” Does that sound like us or what?! Read on to learn more about Bryn and Ouisa!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

Edited, unfussy, menswear-inspired.

Having been a stylist for so many years, which comes first, the person wearing the clothes, or the clothes themselves? How do you make sure the person is wearing the clothes and not the other way around?

I always say, if it pulls your focus, don’t put it on your body. Otherwise, the item will be wearing you because you’ll constantly be thinking about that piece as you go about your day — the opposite of easy and effortless. So, in that sense, the person wearing the clothes is always the priority. If you don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, don’t wear it. As long as you feel confident, and you’re able to “set it and forget it” when it comes to getting dressed, you’ll never have to worry about the clothes wearing you.

Another tip is to not treat the clothes too preciously. If you’re afraid of moving and actually living in your clothes because you consider them too nice (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from a client!), you’ll never truly feel comfortable wearing the piece.

This is a big reason I developed my brand using liveable, flattering fabrics you don’t have to worry about.

Your brand, Ouisa, is said to be made for the “aspiring minimalist.” Can you expand upon that?

The concept of wardrobe minimalism can be really intimidating, as can fashion in general, so I wanted to create a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for the minimalist-curious — someone who finds the concept alluring but may not know where to start.

I’ve always been inspired by Donna Karan’s Seven Easy Pieces, as were so many women at the time it debuted in the ‘80s, because it felt attainable, simple, and chic. I believe a great wardrobe can be built on just a few key pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to create multiple looks, so I created Ouisa’s Les Six capsule concept to do exactly that. The six-piece collection is designed to serve as the foundation of any wardrobe, prioritizing comfort, quality, and longevity with the goal of normalizing outfit repeating and empowering people to do more with less.

Why do you think minimalism is so alluring to so many people?

Un-cluttering anything is appealing because it gives your brain room to breathe. I just visited the Noguchi Museum in Queens, and it was so minimal and calm I wanted to lie down and take a nap. Minimalism evokes feelings of control, calm, and zen, and challenges the banality of wanting too much stuff.

What are the core components of your minimalist wardrobe?

I’ve always been drawn to the ease of French uniform dressing and the quiet coolness of New York City style. When creating Ouisa, I wanted to design something that combined both, inspired by the tried and true pieces I’m always wearing or recommending to my clients.

The Collection 1 capsule — inclusive of The Blazer, The Button-Down, The Satin Top, The Panel Legging, The Mock Neck, and The Trouser — reflects the core components of my ideal minimalist wardrobe.

Le Six Collection 1 is designed for the cooler days ahead, all made-to-order in NYC. Stay tuned for Collection 2 dropping early next year with new essentials for warmer days.

Three items you believe every woman should have in her closet?

A black blazer, black jeans, and a blue button-down.





Ouisa mock neck top
Uniqlo pleated skirt
Oxyde coat (from Paris several years ago, not available now)
Common Projects sneakers
& Other Stories tote

Ouisa button-down
Mango cropped wide-leg pants 
The Row slingbacks

Ouisa blazer
Anine Bing tee

Cos jeans
Loeffler Randall boots
Celine bag (old)


Photos: Shana Jade Trajanoska