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Author Garance Doré

I was so lucky to get to spend a few days in Istanbul with Nil!

She was oh so patient, and took me all over the city so I could see the most possible, (Usually, I’m more the type to set myself up at a table in a café and people-watch to my heart’s content, but in Istanbul, who’da thought that I’d visit EVERYTHING?!), she made me try some bizarre food and answered all my questions from the most profound to the most pathetic about being a young woman in Istanbul. Sooooo many questions.

So I found out, among some other things, that she has 2 tattoos, she loves Zara, she’s super good at ebay, she reads Paris Vogue, she is the assistant of one of the most stylish girls in Istambul, she’s never made her way outside of Turkey, she dreams of New York and Paris, and she’s got a blog…

PS – Totally off subject – : I’m looking for inspiring blogs done by girls with style. I’m trying to get off the beaten track a little. I’d love to find girls who speak their passion (not just a “passion for fashion” ), whether it be cooking, surfing, books or whatever else. If you know any good ones, please do share!

Big hugs! And a big hug to Nil!!! Come to New York already!