Lolita Jacobs Photo Lolita / Paris

Lolita / Paris

Author Garance Doré

It’s been a while since our last Paris City Guide and for this one I thought Lolita would be perfect! I always ask her about the cool new spots when I come to visit and she never disappoints! So, here is Lolita’s Paris!

What are three words that define Paris?
Electric, character and grey.

What makes someone a Parisienne?
A girl who doesn’t brush her hair and is polite enough to get her way.

How do you get around the city? Metro, bike, walk, scooter?
I love the bus! I know all bus lines… it’s scary.

Any secrets to navigating the Paris streets?
If your not a native to Paris, I’d suggest an iPhone.

What is your favorite arrondissement and why?
The 6th, Rive Gauche always, because it’s the most refined.

What hotel do you recommend to visiting friends?
Hotel l’Hotel on rue des Beaux arts or Relais Christine on rue Christine, both in the 6th.

The best place for…

A café: Telescope, rue Villedo, 75002.

A baguette: Any boulangerie that has hot baguette just out of the oven. Boulangerie Carton, rue de Buci.

A glass of champagne: I prefer a glass of cold wine but I’d say Cafe de Flore or La Palette.

What is one restaurant you must eat at while in Paris?
Ferdi on rue du Mont-Thabor in the 1st, Le Dauphin on Avenue Parmentier in the 11th or Chez George, rue du Mail in the 2nd.

What’s the best thing you can get at Picard?
I haven't been in a while, but I remember their fondant au chocolat like it was yesterday!

Where do you like to go out with friends?
I like an apartment party otherwise any club where my friend Clara 3000 is DJing.

I have to ask, because of a bit of a Studio obsession with French hair, where do you get yours done?
I get mine done at David Mallet, rue Notre Dame des Victoires. It is the best! My color is done by the wonderful Louis, supervised by genius, Remi.

Do you have a favorite spa? What do you get done there?
My favorite spa is Maison Popincourt on rue de Verneuil for the Iyashi Dome, a Japanese sauna.

Where is the best place to get a manicure?
Le Bon Marche at the OPI corner.

Where do you go to get in a good work out?
I’ve started boxing recently but otherwise aqua biking at Maison Popincourt.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?
Le Bon Marche and Chez Moi.

Where can you find the best vintage? (And by best vintage, we mean all the Birkins…)
Les 3 Marches, rue Guisarde in the 6th or the flea market of Saint Ouen.

The best park to spend an afternoon in?
Jardin du Luxembourg.

Is it ever okay to wear a beret in Paris?
Unless its worn ironically, then non, merci.

What is one souvenir to bring back from Paris?

Pharmacie must haves?
1. Doliprane, for headaches
2. Magnesium Vials by Oligosol for energy
3. Botot tooth paste

The best view of the Tour Eiffel?
Trocadero I’d say, even if I hardly ever go.

One thing you can do when visiting Paris to look like a Parisian and not a tourist?
No backpacks, no deliberate comfortable clothing, no socks with sneakers, no map and make an effort to speak French.

Okay, now some really hard questions…

Left Bank or Right Bank? Left
Louvre or d’Orsay? Louvre
Croque Madame or Croque Monsieur? Madame
Coco or Karl? Karl
Macaron or Chouquette? Chouquette
Monoprix or Monoprix? Monoprix or la Grande Epicerie, obviously.