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Le Credo Ippolita

Author Doré

We have been fans of Ippolita and her jewelry creations for a while now. We’re always so impressed at the creativity she brings to her craft so we were thrilled when she agreed to answer our Le Credo questions. Enjoy!

What is typically your first thought when you wake up?
What was that dream really about?

How do you cultivate joy in your life?
I love observing. I have noticed that things become more meaningful the longer you study them. Eventually, a spark of beauty emerges from anything you look at and I like having tiny revelations throughout the day.

How would you describe your approach to life in one sentence?
Voracious curiosity meets absolute compassion.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Stick to your knitting. If you spend many years doing something specific and learn everything about it you acquire skills that are transferable to other areas. For example, my many years of craft training taught me to think creatively and to be flexible around failure, which comes in very handy when I run my various businesses.

What does a “creative life” mean to you?
I think people who embrace a creative path all the share the deep rooted certainty that there is no single truth, no one canon of beauty, no ultimate right or wrong. This doubt prompts you to create your own personal framework, and your life is spent perfecting and exploring the limits of your worldview.

Who was your biggest influence as a child and why?
My father was very influential in inculcating the idea that rigor pays off and that life is political.

How did your first love change you?
Falling in love for the first time is such a big experience that it continues to echo throughout your life. I am still friends with my first love (amazing but true since more than 40 years have passed!), and I continue to marvel at the depth our relationship has acquired even though passion has faded.

What makes you cry?
Unfortunately, almost everything.

What makes you laugh?
Fortunately, almost everything.

What gives you hope right now?
Young people are very aware of the dangers of climate change. This makes me feel a little safer. My daughter lives on a farm and is studying how to reverse desertification. It’s very inspiring.

How do you wish to be seen by others versus how do you think you are seen by others?
I wish to be perceived as I perceive myself, i.e. compassionate, curious and open. However, I suspect that my enthusiasm is often misinterpreted. I’m working on it.

What is the one thing that surprised you the most about aging?
I am pleased to report that my happiness quotient has increased. When I was younger I was full of angst and now I realize that angst and happiness can coexist without upsetting your mood.

Do you have any regrets?

What do you do to ground yourself?
I roughhouse with my four year old son and I speak to my Mexican healer weekly.