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Le Credo de Norma Kamali

Author Doré

We want to be Norma Kamali when we grow up. If you haven’t listened to Garance’s Pardon My French podcast with Norma, we highly suggest listening to it.

And of course we couldn’t resist asking Norma a few pressing questions surrounding Le Credo of her life. Enjoy!

What is typically your first thought when you wake up?
What ever happened the day before this new day is a new opportunity.

How do you cultivate joy in your life?
Dance, sing (Karaoke), laugh find comedy and people who are funny, adopt a pet, in order to practice unconditional love and show gratitude for love ones and kindness.

How would you describe your approach to life in one sentence?
To follow my purpose.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?
KNOW THYSELF from my sixth grade teacher.

What does a “creative life” mean to you?
To have unlimited opportunity to be creative in everything I do.

Who was your biggest influence as a child and why?
My mother by far was one of the most creative people I ever met in my lifetime.

How did your first love change you?
It was the realization that males were dominating choice and decisions over women (in the 50’s) and I wanted to find a way that could determine my independence.

What makes you cry?
People who have passed who are part of my history.

What gives you hope right now?
Disruption creates the opportunity for innovative ideas and methods that change people’s lives forever!

How do you wish to be seen by others versus how do you think you are seen by others?
I am pretty much what you see is what you get and folks pretty much know me.

What is the one thing that surprised you the most about aging?
The incredible power of aging.

What do you do to ground yourself?
Daily sessions of silence.