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Le Credo de Garance

Author Garance Doré

Today we are introducing a new franchise at Doré called Le Credo. A credo is a statement of beliefs which guides someone’s actions. So voilà! Below are just a few of Garance’s beliefs that guide her actions. We will be asking other creatives, visionaries, cool people, and our friends to write their credos and, of course, sharing them with all of you. We hope it inspires you to take a moment to reflect on your own life credo.


As soon as I wake up I think, how did I sleep? Sleep is paramount to a good life. Then, coffee.

I aim to cultivate alignment in my life. I try to flow instead of resisting. I value my pain as much as I do my joy. I try to surround myself with people with a solid sense of humor!

Life is what we make of the cards we’ve been handed.

The greatest piece of advice I ever received was, respect yourself. It was the first advice I ever got from my mother – the depth of which I am still exploring.

To me a creative life is a life guided by intuition, unencumbered by worrying about what people may think. Only then can we start inventing our own world.

George from the Famous Five was, and still pretty much is my biggest influence today!

I cry most when I find myself in front of the beauty and drama of life. Also, hormones. Hormones make me cry warm tears of self pity. Delicious!

I love discovering new senses of humor. I grew up with a North African and French sense of humor at home, with a touch of Corsican which is also quite specific. It took me a few years to get the American one, now I love it. I always immediately get most Latin ones. Right now I am discovering the British one, the Scottish one – so many depths and reasons to tear up laughing. I have never met a sense of humor I haven’t loved.

People with common sense and a good sense of humor give me hope.

I don’t think about what people think of me. It seems like a headache so I just automatically assume they think I am great in every way. Then I just have to work towards that!

I could have done so many things so much better!
But I was young and I needed to make all the mistakes, go to all the parties, fall in love with all the wrong guys.
Living life backwards would be fascinating, but quite possibly extremely boring.

To ground myself, I write.