Garance & Les It Girls Garance & Les It Girls

Garance & Les It Girls

Author Garance Doré

This summer, I shot an ad campaign for American Glamour.

Giant : The size of the production. Outrageous : The size of the trailer, filled with clothes to die for. Considerable : The team that was taking care of me. Awesome : The people I met. And most fascinating : the girls I took photos of.

As usual, I got to bring some of my friends along for the ride, but with this shoot, I also got the chance to meet :

/ Theodora Richards /

Keith Richard’s daughter… a Stone! I got to shoot Theodora right after three exhausting days of another shoot. And she was so sweet, so very funny, and just so damn cool that she gave the whole shoot a new energy. And I told myself that 1/Gotta do a post about this girl, she’s going places. And 2/I gotta do another shoot with her oh so soon. So we’ll get back to her later.

/ Rumer Willis /

Bruce and Demi’s daughter. So yeah, with this one, I was a little stressed out.

But I think it’s just that everyone around her is stressed out and that’s what stressed me out. You see the vicious circle here? Everyone surrounded her with tons of attention, and wants to get the shoot done quick to not bother her. We were running every which way (and lemmie tell you, a team of 20 people running every which way is a sight to see, trust me) and all that created so much static electricity. Not good!

And then as soon as I showed her the first photo… She chilled out a bit. And after she herself nicely told everyone that there was no reason to stress, time to calm down. Rumer, really quite touching.

* Celeb Anecdote * : In this picture, she’s wearing her mom’s jeans who is… super tiny! I always pictured Demi Moore being a giant (oh the tricks of cinema), I cracked up.

/ Lily /

Lily is one of my it-girls. I shot her for the campaign as well and I had to put her here if for no other reason then to just give her a big hug!!! :-)

/ Jessica Szohr /

GOSSIP GIIIIIIRL ALERT!!! I’m so totally obsessed with Gossip Girl that I signed up for the American iTunes just so I could download the series instantly – And of course, in the new season, there’s our beautiful dear Clémence Poésy – and for me, to meet Jessica, oh mannn, it was like I was 8 years old meeting with Punky Brewster! Woorrlds colliiiiiide!

She was the most famous of all, and rumor mill had it that Jessica wasn’t the easiest to work with.

I was just a little tiny bit SUPER stressed when I started taking her picture. And just when we started… Poof! My camera broke. 30 minutes of horror, and on top of that, of course, she didn’t have much time.

Besides the setback, it was a good time. As is often the case, it’s the agent that puts the most pressure, way more than the actress, and then she’s just more open to everything (which is normal, it’s how the game is played. I do the same thing with my agent. She’s bad cop. I’m good cop. I get the best part!) But since her agent didn’t end up talk to me directly (I sared her, ahah!) (No not really. I’m not sure why.), I was right in contact with Jessica and she was super nice. I didn’t dare tell her that I was such a huge Gossip Girl fan. I should’ve, you think?

/ Dianna Lunt /

Another one of my It-girls. I love shooting my friends!

/ Theodora Richards /

Yeah yeah! Another one of Theodora (I took SO MANY photos for this ad!).

So to give a little explanation here, the monsieur behind her is quite unnerved that Theodora is feeling up his apples and Theodora keeps telling me, c’mon c’mon go ahead, no problem, we’ll get some shoots, it’s cool, c’mon, here wait, I’ll grab an orange, yeah yeah, lemmie take a bite of the app… Merde! Okay, so he kicked us out. No worries, in three photos we managed to get 12 amazing expressions. Oh the pleasures of working with a good model!

Et voilà!!! Okay, so next time, promise, I’ll try to have more juicy gossip. I was just too focused on the photos this time around. And maybe yeah, because I could really care less about celeb worship. And because I respect people’s privacy.

Pffffff, I’m sa boooooring, sometimes. And here’s why I’ll never be a gossip girl!

Translation: Tim Sullivan