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Anouk / Sydney

Author Garance Doré

Before New York, let’s make a stop in Sydney to take a look at Anouk’s favorite places. Remember Anouk? I met her on my first trip to Australia, and it was the begining of a beautiful friendship. She is one of the most chic & funny girls I know. Gosh! If only jokes could go through pictures!

Oh and you have to take a look at her bag. Isn’t stunning? She found it in a vintage shop in Tasmania (Anouk is from Tasmania). How exotic is that?

Which are your favorite shops?

It’s all about chic boutiques, lady! The Corner Shop, Land’s End, Scanlan&Theodore, bloodorange, Robby Ingham and Marais in Melbourne are all places I lose myself (and self-control!) in.

What is your neighboorhood of choice?

J’adore Elizabeth Bay! It’s is cool and easy – little pocket parks, deco apartments, chic shops and amazing coffee and food…yes, I am dreaming of being there now…

What your city’s philosophy?

Relax…but always smile as if someone is taking your picture!

Should I buy a pair of Uggs?

Are they chic? No! Are they the most comfotable thing to wear on your feet? Yes! What you do behind closed doors, no one can fault you on, but if you are going to wear them out of the privacy of your own home – then I say “non”….

The super non-fashion place where you like to go is…

Ariel book store – I have a strange thing for the smell of new books, and the pictures aren’t bad either… hehe.

Are the girls as crazy about their nails as they are in New York City ? Where do they go ?

YES! Sydney girls visit nail bars as the first step of their initiation into being a cool tween-ager! Well, maybe that’s a generalisation, but I seriously see girls on a “break” from studying for their Year 9 exams in salons getting a buff and polish with their cousin’s, sister and mothers… I suppose it’s the hot weather and the love of Havianna flip-flops that make them the necessity – give a Sydney girl a new Chanel or OPI colour and watch her pelt off to get a pedi! The best place to go is Miss Frou Frou in Paddington for a chic nail make-over.

Where is the best place to have a coffee and watch people go by ?

Saturday mornings at Bru Cafe in North Bondi – people fresh from yoga, a swim or hiding a hangover all enjoying delicious coffee in the sun. Fun!

Where is the best place to have a drink ?

Pocket Bar for espresso martini’s, ching-a-lings and Love Tilly Divine in Darlinghurst; Mille Vini in Surry Hills – moscato with a proscutto plate… wrong to some, amazing to me; Icebergs in Bondi for cocktails and the view of course, and The Gazebo in Kings Cross.

What are the things that you HAVE to eat in Sydney? Where do you find them ?

Amazing Sydney Rock oysters from Foveaux; pastries from the pint-sized Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills; fresh bread from Iggy’s in Tamarama and everything and anything at Café Sopra.

What is the very touristy place that you still love to go to sometimes ?

Bondi Beach – tourist-mania but an addictive and super fun vibe in summer.

What is the best old and chic restaurant ?

Tabou in Surry Hills – an old-school French Bistro restaurant– I discovered the place about 6 years ago with my father and haven’t stopped going back to over indulge on their fois gras, escargot and everything in between!

What is the new super cool restaurant ?

Porteno – deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious and oh so cool!!!!

Tell me about your ideal day in Sydney.

I wake up in Bondi, do a yoga class, get a juice and coffee and then jump in the water. Head off to meet friends at Parsley Bay beach, armed with my bikini and a book – to laze around on the rocks, swimming and eating icy-poles and laughing a lot about nothing, before heading to North Bondi RSL for afternoon drinks and then to Café Sopra for a long dinner and a lot of cocktails… ahhhhhh – fun!

How do you go around the city ?

Walk or if I’m feeling adventurous – I try my bicycle! Sydney is NOT flat and Sydney drivers have anger management issues….!

What’s the best thing to bring back from Sydney ?

A tan and Lucas’s Paw Paw ointment.

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