Jeanne Damas photo Garance Dore beauty minute Jeanne Damas photo Garance Dore beauty minute

A Beauty Minute with Jeanne Damas

Author Garance Doré

Morning: Every morning, I wash my hair with a gentle Klorane shampoo made with oat milk. I also put Opalis almond cream on the ends. I always let my hair air dry so it has a natural shape to it. Every single day of the year, I put moisturizer on my face after the shower (Aésop mandarine hydrating cream) and on my body (La Roche Posay Lipikar liquid gel) and a drop of 50 SPF sunscreen every day (best beauty secret of all time: protect yourself from the sun).

As for my makeup, the products I use, even when I don’t wear makeup are: Mac brow gel to bring out my eyebrows, then I curl my eyelashes every morning, and I apply Mac Sheen Supreme lip color (in Venomous Violet) with my fingers – I use it as a lip balm. After that, I’ll apply a different matte red depending on my mood (red, prune, pink, orange red). I apply it generously with my fingers to get a melted, messy look. While I’m putting on makeup, I keep my damp hair in a low chignon. At the end of the morning, I take out the chignon, and it leaves great natural- looking waves in my hair.


Day: The product I can’t do without is my colored “lip balm” – Sheen Supreme Venomous Violet lip color. I apply it multiple times throughout the day (if I’m not wearing lipstick) because I hate having bare lips.
I also take my YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch luminizing pen with me. It’s the only thing I put on my skin during the day. I also keep my hand cream with me (Nuxe honey dream) because I hate having dry skin.


Night: My favorite makeup for going out, the one I use the most, is my prune colored lipstick made of a mixture of Sheen Supreme Venomous Violet, Diva matte, and Viva Glam 3. I apply all three of them generously with my fingers and I go outside the lines, then wipe off the excess with a cotton swab.
For my eyes, I wear a very thin line of black eye liner just to lengthen the eye, and I always curl my lashes (I almost never wear mascara – I like natural lashes)
Then I put on a bit of blush and my luminizing pen to brighten my skin.

When I get home, I use Bioderma makeup remover to take off my makeup. Then I apply Nuxe honey dream.