Why do I need micellar water? Why do I need micellar water?

Why do I need micellar water?

Author Doré

Let us introduce you to the epitome of Super Simple Skincare: La Micellaire, Doré’s Micellar Water.

What makes it Super Simple? Well, the fact that you don’t have to rinse it off is one thing. It’s true lazy skincare in the best way.

Let us explain exactly what micellar water is.

Micellar water originated in France, where the water is quite hard. Hard water contains excess calcium and magnesium, while soft water is free from these harsh minerals. If you’ve ever spent time in France and wondered what the hell was happening to your hair, you’ve experienced the pitfalls of hard water. It may look amazing yes, but does it feel amazing? Eh.

Et voilà, Micellar Water was born in France as a solution to cleanse the skin without having to rinse with water. It’s a rinse-free cleanser, combining purified, soft water with glycerin and very low concentrations of extremely mild surfactants (that means its hydrating!).

When those mild surfactants are swiped across skin with a cotton pad, they collect together in micelles, (think of micelles as tiny little balls of cleansing oil molecules, that are VERY attracted to dirt and oil and pull impurities away from your pores, i.e. they are little vacuums that clean your skin in one swipe).

The micelles are able to clean without drying your skin, in fact the process is so mild (yet effective) that you don’t even need to rinse your face afterwards. It even takes off waterproof make up and lipstick. Just swipe a cotton pad or two doused in La Micellaire over your skin and you’ll see the dirt come off. When you’re done, move onto your treatment and moisturizing steps. Or just stop there, we get that too.

Yep, as lazy as it gets!