Where does micellar fit in my routine? Where does micellar fit in my routine?

Where does micellar fit in my routine?

Author Doré

As with all things Doré, products with multiple uses are at the core of our philosophy. It helps us keep things simple when you can do a lot with a little.

So La Micellaire. How do you use it? And how does it fit into a Doré routine. We’ve got a few options for you.

First, there is our Le Set Routine. For this routine, we use La Micellaire as our cleanser in the morning for a light cleanse. Follow that with a treatment step, if you have one, and La Crème. You can finish up the AM with a touch of Le Baume on your lips, and a little dab on the cheeks for a highlight and you’re good to go. Don’t forget your SPF!

In the evening, cleanse with Le Cleanser to give yourself a good facial massage while washing the day (and your make up) away. Follow with a treatment step, and La Crème. In the evenings we go a little crazy with Le Baume, depending on the day. Maybe it’s for some slugging, as an eye cream, on any dry patches of skin, definitely lips, brows and cuticles.

If you’re looking for a double cleanse, you can use La Micellaire as a first cleanse and follow that with a second cleanse using Le Cleanser.

If you’re in need of a make up remover, La Micellaire has you covered. Not only does it remove make up and impurities, but its hydrating properties jump start the process of putting hydration back into our skin.

And if you’re looking for a rinse free cleanser for your whole routine, or if you’re feeling too lazy to wash your face, you can use La Micellaire morning and night as your cleansing step. If you’re traveling and aren’t sure of the water quality, La Micellaire is a great way to play it safe when it comes to cleansing, especially if you have sensitive skin.

And a trick we learned from watching make up artists, instead of using water and harsh soap to clean their makeup brushes, they soak them in micellar water! And here’s your friendly reminder to wash those brushes!