The New Beauty Minute The New Beauty Minute

The New Beauty Minute

Author Doré

One of Doré’s most popular stories was the Beauty Minute. It consisted of a quick run down of anything and everything the featured person was using in their beauty routine, from sunscreens to serums.

Well, our beauty routines look a lot different these days. We’ve swapped twelve steps for three. (And our skin continues to thank us for it!) But we still love the sentiment behind the Beauty Minute so we brought them back, this time focusing more on what beauty means to us, than which products are must haves.

We invited a few of our favorites (including Garance, of course :) ) to speak on how they define beauty, and when they feel most beautiful while taking a minute to care for their skin.


First, we have Garance, with a perfect little French saying on beauty: 

Next, our favorite Luke with a male perspective: 

Alexis always has powerful insight into the world of beauty:

And finally, Carla, reminding us to be playful with it: