The Ins and Outs of Fine Lines The Ins and Outs of Fine Lines

The Ins and Outs of Fine Lines

Author Doré

At Doré we believe that you can embrace the aging process while acknowledging you’d like a few less fine lines, and educate yourself on how you can prevent them, instead of aggravate them.

Which is why we’re here, for a quick tutorial and to save you a lot of stress (and more fine lines) down the road.

What are fine lines?

There is technicality when it comes to fine lines. They are defined as less than two millimeter deep creases that form on thin, delicate skin. You tend to first notice them around your eyes, mouth, and upper parts of your forehead if you are an expressive eyebrow user.

What causes fine lines?

Fine lines can be caused by numerous things over the course of a lifetime, but it does start with your DNA, and what your pre-disposed to. So take a look at the elder women in your family, and ask them what they have done over the course of their life to care for themselves and their skin, because that is going to be your greatest source of wisdom.

And yes, of course there are other causes of fine lines. These include sun exposure, dry skin, smoking, loss of collagen and elastin in the skin (hello, aging), fair skin, repetitive motion, UV rays, pollution (due to the free radicals that damage the skin), and even side sleeping. (We know, we are side sleepers too, its not fair.)

What can you do to prevent and treat fine lines?

Limit sun exposure as much as possible, in addition to using an SPF. Also get in the habit of throughly cleansing your face for up to two minutes every night to completely rid it of any city pollution (not dissimilar from the two minutes the dentist always asks you to dedicate to your teeth).

Dehydration also leads to aggravating fine lines. So drink your water and reach for a moisturizer with deeply hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid to help smooth and plump skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

And remember that wrinkles are untreated fine lines. So just let that sink in while you reach for some moisturizer.