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Super Simple

Author Doré

The biggest misconception about anything simple is that it’s just that - simple. The most simple things in life are often created with the most complexity, yielding an end result that is refined, easily accessed and understood.

The creation of Doré and our line of Super Simple Skincare was anything but.

Garance and Emily spent over 15 years in media, working closely with all of the major beauty brands. They had access to the best products, the best treatments, the best estheticians and dermatologists. But often they found that the fancy products they were trying were too harsh for their skin, the treatments too invasive. Garance suffered from sensitivity and reactive skin that would turn very red. Emily had developed bad acne on her forehead and chin, which left her with scarring in between relentless breakouts. Nothing was working.

They wanted to go back to the products found at pharmacies in France, but nothing they found would work for their sensitive skin and had a rigorously clean formulation.

They worked with a highly regarded chemist and esthetician who is a pioneer in clean beauty to help find the perfect lab partner. Together they created their dream products - products that were gentle for their sensitive skin and fragrance free, with EWG Verified clean formulations, and that underwent rigorous clinical testing for proven results and efficacy. And all of this for less than $40 was key. Within weeks of testing, their problems improved and their skin was radiant and healthy. They shared the products with their trusted friends and advisors, and from their reactions knew they had created the new skincare essentials.

Doré products are Super Simple to use because decades of experience went into creating them.