Strong Eyebrows for the Holidays Strong Eyebrows for the Holidays

Strong Eyebrows for the Holidays

Author Doré

We are starting to plan and prep for the impending holidays, including shaping our beauty routines (and our brows) in anticipation for all the photos to be taken in the coming months.

We are big fans of strong eyebrows that frame the face and have collected a few tricks over the years to get our eyebrows holiday ready.

1/ Eyebrow health.

First off, your eyebrows can tell you a lot more about your health than you might realize. Thinning eyebrows can be caused by a vitamin deficiency and if you have noticed the outside of your eyebrows are struggling, it could be cause of a sluggish thyroid, as your thyroid is responsible for the hormones that help your eyebrows grow. Who knew it wasn’t just about over plucking when it came to thinning eyebrows?!

2/ Tinting.

Have you tried tinting your eyebrows? Adele does it every week, and have you seen her glorious eyebrows? You can pay someone to tint your eyebrows, but you can also buy some dye and tint them yourself with a steady hand and a q-tip. Don’t be alarmed if they are too dark at first, they will fade drastically within the first 12 hours. We like doing it before we go to bed, and only go one or two shades darker then our natural brow to avoid looking like Groucho Marx.

3/ Plucking (and over plucking).

90s style might be back, but we are telling every woman we know to NOT touch their eyebrows, and showing them our patchy eyebrows as proof that over plucking can cause trauma to the hair follicles and... well... patches. Which is why we love filling in our brows with a little powder. If you don’t want to fill in your eyebrows everyday, microblading is a great, more permanent option that we’ve heard stellar reviews on.

3/ Le Baume for styling.

Sometimes your eyebrows need nothing more than a little brush upwards. Our favorite trick is to brush the spoolie on an eyebrow brush with a little Le Baume, so they are held in place throughout the night with the slightest sheen. If you have any extra Le Baume, use it on your eyelids or cheeks as a natural highlighter.