Spring Skincare Reset Spring Skincare Reset

Spring Skincare Reset

Author Doré

With the official start of spring just a few days away, it’s time to start thinking about what changes might need to be made to your skincare routine. That’s right - you should be thinking about skincare differently season to season, as the weather (more specifically, the humidity) plays a big role in how our skin changes from winter to spring. Spring cleaning isn’t just for our fashion closets!

In the winter months, when it’s colder and the air is drier, we tend to lose moisture in our skin more easily, hence our desire to layer on hydration. (Slugging season, anyone?). As we move into spring, and the humidity of the air increases with the warmer, and sometimes wetter weather, we may be less prone to water loss, and actually more prone to sweatier sebum production. For spring, you may want to lighten up your routine a bit and save Le Baume for your lips rather than a full slugging session. You should still be hydrating with a moisturizer, but you might be able to scale back on things like oils and heavy creams. La Crème is a great option that hydrates without sitting too heavy on the skin.

While we like to caution when it comes to over-exfoliating, spring might be time to bring some light chemical exfoliation into your routine if you’re looking to slough off the sebum and sweat. Consider skin cycling if you’re looking to introduce chemical exfoliants into your routine. And don’t forget SPF if you’re using a chemical exfoliant! (And even if you’re not).

That said, sometimes with the warmer weather comes more inflammation. You may notice more redness and irritation in your skin from the heat and sun exposure from getting outside. If this is you, then rebuilding your skin barrier is essential, and be sure to focus on really gentle products that are formulated for sensitive skin, are super hydrating, and don’t include fragrance. Le Cleanser can be a great way to cleanse inflamed skin without exfoliation that breaks down the barrier further and add hydration to the skin.