Proper Hydration for Summer Proper Hydration for Summer

Proper Hydration for Summer

Author Doré

It is always annoying to grow up, only to learn your mother was right all along. She always told you to drink more water. To which you rolled your eyes. Water cannot possibly cure all life’s woes?! Well, it comes pretty damn close sometimes. 

So as adults in the heat of summer, we attempt to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but read on to teach your mama that proper hydration is so much more than the 8-glasses-a-day mantra.  

1/ Think outside the [water] box.

We spend our lives in moisture lacking environments, eating moisture lacking foods and then relying solely on water to replenish what we have depleted. 

Instead, look to add more water dense foods to your diet such as cucumber (95% water!), lettuce (also 95% water!), watermelon (no explanation needed there), peaches and apples.

Foods rich in magnesium are also great to consume because magnesium is one of the essential electrolytes needed for efficient hydration. Magnesium rich foods include leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, avocado, raw cacao, and nuts such as almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts.

2/ Electrolytes are your friend.

Our non-aluminum deodorant will be put to the test in the next few months as we begin to sweat more and more. 

But all that sweat is not just loss of water, you’re also losing electrolytes, specifically sodium. Yep, while we shouldn’t consume too much sodium, some is needed to regulate your body. 

Mixing electrolytes with your water will speed up your rehydration – even a pinch of sea salt works in a pinch (sorry not, sorry for that pun :) ) 

3/ Get to know (and love) gel water. 

Did you know that water actually has a fourth phase?  Liquid, ice, vapor, and…gel! If you are skeptical, think of what happens when you soak chia seeds and a viscous pudding forms, or when you cut open a cactus and see its “meaty” interior. That’s water in gel form, and its found in a lot of fruits and vegetables. 

Gel water is more hydrating than plain water because of its higher electrical charge, which helps the body not only retain water better, but operate more efficiently. Gel water from plants also moves more readily into our cells — plus, since its denser, it is less likely to leak out of damaged or aging cells. Some studies even go so far as to say that liquid hydration alone is not enough – we all need more gel water in our lives! 

4/ Get moving. 

We’ve all been told the detox benefits of lymphatic drainage and dry brushing, but an additional benefit is how any massage helps us stay hydrated by redistributing the water held in our fascia (you aren't always accidentally thirsty after a massage, you've redistributed the water and your body is ready for more!). 

Even concentrating on our posture and engaging in small stretches throughout the day can aid in this redistribution. 

5/ Avoid certain liquids when dehydrated. 

Drinks high in sugar and carbs such as soda, fruit juice, beer and wine, might quench the feeling of thirst, but in the long run they will just dehydrate you and you will be awoken by thirst in the middle of the night, gulping down that glass of water on your nightstand.

6/ Skincare starts with hydration.

You can use any cream, balm or serum under the sun, but the best results will still only occur after skin is efficiently hydrated from the inside. So drink up!