Milou Neelen le credo atelier dore the art of life Milou Neelen le credo atelier dore the art of life

Le Credo de Milou

Author Doré

Today we are “traveling” to Bali to chat all things life with Milou Neelen the artist behind the site, Hotel Magique. Milou creates art, home decor, fashion and accessories, all inspired by hotel vibes and she just launched a new travel book called, The Pleasure of Leisure. Sign us up for any book with that title!

What is typically your first thought when you wake up?

How is the weather and should I bring the beach to the dogs or sleep in a little and start work earlier.

How do you cultivate joy in your life?

By following my dreams and living the life that truly makes me happy. That is one of the reasons why we moved to Bali, a place I feel much more at home and happy.

When I was younger I would be held back because of fear, most often fear of the unknown, so I started to challenge myself to do everything that scares me and just see what happens, go with the flow.

Now I know I have nothing to be scared about, and everything will always be ok which leaves so much more space for joy and to truly follow your heart.

And small things like watching all the plants and flowers grow each day in our garden, the feeling of sand between your toes during our morning beach walk.

And If you love dogs and you need more joy in your life foster or adopt a rescue dog, the amount of joy they bring is endless.

How would you describe your approach to life in one sentence?

My aunt told me once, that I shouldn’t think my dreams could ever become a reality, which actually gave me the extra push to pursue them even harder and prove her wrong.

That’s why I added that quote to one of the scarf artworks we created in collaboration with Arkitaip, the Dreamer scarf because I wish for anybody and everybody they will always pursue their dreams, no matter what anybody tells them.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Oh so many!

It’s a personal story, but my mother suffered from manic depression for many years.

And the stepmother of my first ever boyfriend knew I was scared that she would take her own life, and she told me it was selfish of me to make her want to stick around just for my joy and peace of mind.

I am happy she told me this because I could see things from a different perspective and let go what was going on with her, and soon thereafter she passed away.

What does a “creative life” mean to you?

The excitement of creating something new you didn’t know you could.

Therefore I love the challenge to always create something new, which is why I love collaborations so much.

Combining your own ideas mixed with the brand you are collaborating with and finding that hidden connection that brings back both brands in one design.

Other people loving it as well is just the cherry on top.

How do you wish to be seen by others versus how do you think you are seen by others?

Because we are all different I know each person sees me differently, so I don’t mind how anybody sees me, good, bad, sweet, annoying, all is fine by me and the people you connect with are the ones to focus on.

What is the one thing that surprised you the most about aging?

How fast time goes with every year passing by! So better have the best time every day :)

What do you do to ground yourself?

Living in Bali keeps me much more grounded than when I used to live in Amsterdam.

Living a more slow-paced life surrounded by nature in a much less materialistic world and how incredibly fortunate we are and use that for the better.