La Parisienne La Parisienne

La Parisienne

Author Garance Doré

I met Jeanne on a project I photographed for Maison Jules in Paris.

They wanted a girl who represented a true Parisian. It’s such a funny thing this concept of the Parisian. I get asked so many questions about the Parisian. I even put together a La Parisienne board on Pinterest (yeah, I know, I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest, etc) to try to put my finger on what she represents for me, and for others.

Jeanne definitely will have a place there now…

Jeanne flew to New York for the launch of the collection and we had a press day on Tuesday. We got asked so many questions about the Parisienne. What are some style secrets of the Parisian? Is the Parisian different than a woman from others parts of France? What does the Parisian eat for breakfast? And two million other questions just like these.

It’s interesting – and I’m super curious to know, for you all, what is a Parisian?

I think they’ve done a great job casting Jeanne, her pout, her big giant laugh, and her style, never overdone, as if it was ok to think about clothes for one minute, but then there’s a million other things to do in life, non?

What do you a think? What’s a true Parisian to you? And what does she eat for breakfast? ;)