How to Wash Your Face How to wash your face

How to Wash Your Face

Author Doré

The key to the #supersimple way of life that Doré believes in, is that you need to know how to do the simple things (like washing your face) very, very well. 

Much like poaching an egg juuuuust right (you know that oozing orange yolk we’re talking about), washing your face is not a quick 15 second process like we would wish. While the steps might all be simple, you need to have some patience to perfect them to get the final result you want – a super clean face. 

Did we used to just splash water on our faces sometimes? Yes, yes we did. 

Do we do that now? No. We do not. We promise we wash our faces for TWO WHOLE MINUTES, and man, what a difference taking the time to do things right makes. 

Here are a few more things to consider when washing your face: 

1/ Keep the temperature mild. 

Extreme temperatures can dry out the skin, particularly hot water in the winter. Keep things lukewarm. 

2/ Okay, sometimes you don’t need water. 

Our very own co-founder, Emily, has long been a non-water face washer, instead relying on micellar water and cotton pads to cleans her skin. This is acceptable if your faucet water is particularly hard, which could make your skin break out.  

3/ Yes, you can be too clean. 

Over washing your face (i.e. washing it too many times a day or using too hot of water) can strip your natural oils and disrupt your skin biome (more on what a skin biome is soon!). So while we want a clean face, we do not want a scrubbed off face.

4/ Yes, you need to wash your face every night. 

And yes, you need to spend two minutes doing it.  Give yourself a face massage while you’re at it! Working the cleanser into your skin and taking extra time rinsing at the end, will deliver much healthier skin (particularly if you’re prone to breakouts!).

5/ If you have SUPER dry skin, skip cleanser in the morning. 

And wash your face in upward motions at night to deliver the ingredients (same goes for applying cream to dry faces, move upward on the face to get best absorption of ingredients!). 

6/ Wash your face downward if you’re prone to breakouts. 

Yep, you want to sweep all the dirt and debris OFF your skin. It sounds almost too simple, but seriously, it's that simple. We just typically like to complicate everything. 

But now we’re all about stripping it back down to basics, without stripping down your skin. 

It goes without saying what we're using to wash our faces these days… Le Cleanser is center stage in our bathroom routine. And with its gel to milky texture, we couldn’t be more pleased, or clean :)