Fragrance Free versus Unscented Skincare Fragrance Free versus Unscented Skincare

Fragrance Free versus Unscented Skincare

Author Doré

All Doré products are fragrance free. But what exactly does that mean? If you’ve tried our products, you know there is some scent to them. Let us break down the difference between Fragrance, Fragrance Free and Unscented.


If a product has “fragrance” or “parfum” listed on the ingredient list, then this is a product with fragrance. That means that a specific fragrance formula has been added to the product with the purpose of creative an additive smell. While an INCI (ingredient) list may only list the word fragrance or parfum, these fragrances are typically comprised of multiple ingredients which will not be listed. Products that are EWG verified are required to include all fragrance ingredients on their INCI lists. Fragrance can often be sensitizing to certain skin types, so if you have sensitive skin, it’s often best to avoid fragrance in any leave-on skincare products. For rinse-off products, like cleansers, this is often less of a concern because the product isn’t sitting on the skin for a long period of time.

Fragrance Free

Fragrance free products have not had a fragrance or parfum added to their formulas. These products may have ingredients that have some inherent smell to them, but the ingredients are in the formula for their active properties in the formula, and not as additive fragrance. These products can be fragrant, but they do not contain fragrance. As these products do not have added fragrance, they are typically more gentle for sensitive skin. Doré products sit within this category.

One thing to look out for in Fragrance Free products is the addition of essential oils as active ingredients. Essential oils can have skincare benefits and they often smell great, but they can be reactive and cause irritation.


Products that are labeled unscented generally contain ingredients to neutralize or mask the smell of any active ingredients. Often times these active ingredients don’t have the most appealing fragrance when combined, so these additives will neutralize the unpleasant odor.