Cowboy Boots and Very Very Long Hair Cowboy Boots and Very Very Long Hair

Cowboy Boots and Very Very Long Hair

Author Garance Doré

You know the stuff tour men really prefer that we steer clear away from?

You could call me lucky as my darling man has rather eclectic tastes. He’s got a rather open mind when it comes to fashion as you can imagine.

Even outfits that aren’t at all man friendly*, he seems to like just fine.

But alas, he’s still a man, and even though he can totally love it on others, and even take their photo, and then explain to me why it works, still, STILL, there are a few things that he really prefers I steer far far away from.

And so of course, I totally want to try them.

– The first thing is cowboy boots.

Yeah, can’t say I was a big fan of cowboy boots either, until Lou Doillon had to go and make them utterly cool, and then seeing this picture in Vogue UK, and this one picture ever since August has made me want to redefine MY ENTIRE STYLE from A to Z**. How can he not like those boots ?

Ok. Gimme two seconds.  I'm going to go ask him why.  I'll be right back.

Okay, there you have it. He just gave me his answer. He says it’s proportionalogically unsound***. He thinks that cowboy boots stop at a weird part of the calf and so it gives the impression of a much wider leg (look how precise he was with that. I’m not even capable of that kind of analysis.)

Is that why Jaquetta struck such an elongatory*** pose in this picture? The question remains…

And so the more he doesn’t like it the more they feel like an impossible fantasy, wich is crazy as remember that, when it comes down to it, when it comes to cowboy boots, I’m not the biggest fan.

– Second thing is short hair.

Or bangs. Whatever it is that I don’t have now, which is hair that is simply and ultra boring-a-matically*** long.

Ok well I guess I understand why long hair is such a thing for guys. I didn’t care at all until I mussed up my hair recently (seriously, we’re not talking about this) and went and had coffee with Dianna… Yes, this Dianna:

So sublime with her short hair. Right after we met up, I sent a text to Scott :

G = Are you sure it’s better to keep my hair the way it is? You don’t like any other kind of haircut ? So tired of just being in a ponytail

S = I hate to be boring but I like your hair the way it is. So clean and fresh and healthy

I don’t know how I tricked him into believing my hair was healthy but the fact that he thinks that is a piece of good news. But I’m not going to give him a hard time, the first person I want to seduce is him****. So it ain’t gonna be any time soon that you’ll see me with bangs. Oh poor me*****.

Hold on, I just bought a brush. I've never had one before. Never!

– The last thing is a super long skirt that goes all the way to the feet. But with that one, I totally agree with him. But maybe I agree with him because I bought one despite the fact he recommended me not to buy one (he thought it would make me look thicker) and I’ve never worn it, not once.

Yeah, I dunno. I like it on other people, but just not on me. It makes me look thicker.

Am I just way too easily influenced or do you listen to what your guy says he likes as well?


* You know, the stuff your friends love but your man hates: big chunky wedges, shirts buttoned up to the neck, knee-high socks and so on…

** I don’t think you quite grasp the potential earth shattering hurricane this image had on me. The fact that I didn’t utterly and completely change my style doesn’t mean a thing. One day, I’m going to have this mix of cool, bohemian attitude. One day… Maybe…

*** I can’t figure out why I can’t find this word in the dictionary… ?

**** No no, I’m definitely not the first person I want to please. Because if I were, we’d be in trouble. I love my denim Isabel Marant jumpsuit. I’d be in it and only it every day if I could. Oh and it’s baggy. Pffffff I know, makes me look tiny.

***** Even if yes, truth is that I had bangs years back and oh man, they did not work on me oh, no.

Translation : Tim Sullivan