Bonne Année! Bonne Année!

Bonne Année!

Author Doré

To our dearest Doré community:

Bonne Année! Happy New Year!

It is our hope that you spent last night in a place that makes you happy, with loved ones who bring you joy. We’ve been luxuriating in a moment of rest and recharge in anticipation for the months ahead.

And each year, on New Years Day, we find it’s always a good moment to reflect and pause.

Last year, we introduced you to this new chapter of Doré. It was a year filled with thrills and excitement, but also a lot of challenges. What brought us the most joy was receiving your messages - hearing stories from so many of you facing skin struggles who finally found relief, or from those of you who had been looking to pare your routine down to essential excellence.

To hear you share that your roommate stole your cleanser, or that you gave your mom Le Baume has been an absolute joy. Nothing can make us prouder!

In 2023, we hope to continue sharing Doré with more of the world. We will introduce you to some new products that we are crazy about. And we hope to be able to continue to connect with you - both online and offline - so that we can bring the very best of French beauty—and recommit to what brought us to you—simple, safe, conscious skincare for all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in 2022, and wishing you a most wonderful 2023!!!

-Garance & Emily