Before + After: Sarah Before + After: Sarah

Before + After: Sarah

Author Doré

While we aren’t the biggest fans of resolutions (does anyone actually stick to them?!?!), we do think adopting a Super Simple skincare routine with Le Trio is a resolution we can support for its simplicity and efficacy. All of the Doré products are clinically tested after being approved by our internal test committee of trusted friends, beauty experts and our team. But there’s nothing better than getting product into the hands of our community and hearing from them first hand how their experience is with the products. So last fall, we asked a handful of our community members to participate in a skincare before and after over a three month period. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing the results with you!

For the skincare trial we asked participants to use Le Trio, and only Le Trio as their daily skincare routine (in addition to a sunscreen of their choice). A few also supplemented with a mask or exfoliant from time to time, but all used Le Trio, day and night, for three months.

First up is Sarah :) A 28 year old graphic designer with a normal skin type, here is what she said:


In the first weeks I really felt a difference in the texture of my skin, it was more elastic, less imperfections. Near the end of the month I had a few spots over my chin, its a very sensitive area when I have my period— I used the Le Baume and my skin felt better couple days after.


I’m still feeling better hydration, and enjoying my skincare routine moment each morning and night very much. At the end of the month, again, the spots around my chin—but it felt good to protect the skin around with the products.


My skin felt very soft, hydrated, less sensitive around my nose and on my cheeks which is normally a spot where I endured redness. At the end of the three months, I could easily say that the products really suited my complexion and that I will keep using them!