Before + After: Paige Before + After: Paige

Before + After: Paige

Author Doré

Today we are introducing you to another participant from our skincare trial. If you need a refresher, look no further than here, as to why we wanted to conduct a little, informal three month skincare trial.

Today, we’re bringing you Paige Pope, a 28 year old Communications Coordinator who has combination skin.

Your initial reaction to the products?

The products feel elevated but gloriously simple from the outset, especially the packaging. Also, I was delighted by the incredibly rich and nourishing textures from the first use. My skin did not flare up or react negatively in the slightest right from the start, but felt soothed and like a comfortable, soothing hug after a few months of experimentation with harsher products.

Also, it was just such a relief to know my skincare routine was a face wash and a lotion and THAT'S IT. Especially on busy days or when I am tired...makes it an easy commitment.

 How did your skin feel after the first month?

My skin texture and overall appearance was similar to the previous month; however, throughout the whole month I had no breakouts or redness flareups and my skin remained consistently clear and healthy.

 Was there anything that surprised you about the products or your skin's reaction to them?

It has been a LONG time since I have had a three-month period with NO, I repeat NO, breakouts of any kind (even with travel). So that was a welcome surprise. With the exception of having no breakouts, I don't feel like my skin appearance or texture visibly improved dramatically throughout the process, I was surprised that my skin looked just as healthy as when I was using MULTIPLE and often times quite expensive products (which promise a whole host of improvements and benefits). The simple, less is more approach of Doré reduced my breakouts while maintaining consistency.

I also was happily surprised that there was no scent in any of the products. Some products claim to be scent-free but then have an odor that can be...unsettling. However, all the Doré products lived up to the claim.

Lastly, I hadn't expected Le Cleanser to be as effective at the dual claim of moisturizing/gentle/non-stripping while removing makeup. Of all the face washes I have had, this one removes makeup (even pesky eye makeup) the best, while nourishing my skin AND not leaving any sort of oily/balmy residue as others do.

 Takeaways after three months of use?

The duo of Le Cleanser and La Crème is a knockout...but more of a soft, gentle knockout in the best way. Effective, simple, nourishing. It is a skincare routine I don't have to obsess over, while allowing me to still feel like I am taking care of myself. Anything that manages to be hydrating and feels rich and luxurious while not clogging my pores and causing breakouts is a worthwhile and surprisingly rare investment to find.

I would love it if Le Cleanser also came in a travel size. I typically fly only with a carry-on and the unique water-activated properties of Le Cleanser made it difficult to transfer to a small enough travel-size container. Conversely, I'd lap up a larger bottle of La Crème that I could leave on my counter.

Also, just as an FYI, once the three months of use were over, I started using a different moisturizer (one for the day and one for the evening) to see how I felt. Since then, my skin has been a bit rocky. Some small breakouts and patchy dryness on my forehead, so it appears Doré was indeed doing something special to maintain clear and soothed skin.