Before + After: Christina Before + After: Christina

Before + After: Christina

Author Doré

Our final participant in our Before and After skincare trial is Christina! A 38 year old UX researcher who has normal skin. Living in the northeast and using the products during a transition of seasons, plus not using her active ingredients like retinols made her skeptical at first, but Le Trio surprised her in the best way.

Initial reaction to the products?

Products themselves were very nice: pleasant texture and mild to no odor (I do not like highly fragrant products), straightforward, gentle, practical stuff.

How did your skin feel after the first month? After second or third month?

At first, I thought my skin would be dry because my face absorbed the moisturizer so quickly but overall, skin felt very well-balanced, moisturized, smooth, even.

It did take a month to adjust from my other skincare routine which included more actives and retinol.

Third month: My skin still feels, looks the same which is actually no small feat considering it's gone from humid to dry, cold winter weather here in New England.

Did you find the products kept your skin hydrated during the drier winter months?

Yes, they did which tbh, was a surprise for how fast absorbing the moisturizer easy the soap was to wash off...I was skeptical of "efficacy." Sticking to the routine, taking photos helped me realize that they were in fact effective and I didn't need to "do" so much for my skin to be chill, healthy, and overall balanced.

Was there anything that surprised you about the products or your skin's reaction to them? How fast my skin absorbed the moisturizer and how long my skin maintained balanced moisture (wasn't greasy, wasn't dry, smooth to the touch)